Who can participate?

Individuals and organizations involved with cancer patients. From cancer patients and caregivers (caring a cancer patient) to board members and simple (not voting & not active) members of cancer patient organizations.

Why to participate?

Not only participation in this study will provide your organization the opportunity to advocate cancer patients in an effective manner but also this opportunity will increase your organization’s leadership by achieving a more active role in health policy decision making.

It is important that this initiative is forwarded to as many members as possible in order to ensure that everyone’s voice and opinions are heard.

How can I participate?

It takes only 8 minutes to participate in this brief survey!

To complete the survey online, please go to the home page (https://patientparticipation.eu/) and select your country in order to complete the questionnaire in your language.

Your answers will be completely anonymous and confidential. Results of the survey will be reported in a summary format, so no one will be able to link you to your responses.